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Moving toward a paperless society by 2024

The paperless society may have started with a push toward a cashless society, but technology has fueled a far more ambitious movement. Of course, payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Google Pay mean that paper dollars are increasingly avatars these days—or maybe it’s vice versa? E-payments and virtual shopping carts are standard across all industries, even in business-to-business transactions. This has fundamentally altered the labor market over the past 10 years. Disruptions over the next decade are certain to be even more profound. Given a choice as to how they pay for their purchases, customers will use the most efficient, safest, most flexible, and fastest methods.

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Tech Experts to Turn to in 2022

Technology can improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and reach. From retail to real estate to healthcare and beyond, the latest advancements in technology hold great promise for streamlining systems and enhancing the customer experience. The professionals and companies on this list of tech experts include leaders in their field who stand ready to assist businesses in achieving their mission by leveraging the latest tech innovations.

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How Unionly Helps Helps Increase Union Funding

We live in a digital age, and moving the management of your union, from dues to events and membership, to a digital platform will allow your organization to grow and flourish. Any organization that wants to survive long-term needs to offer online payment options. The days of sitting down to write out a check are quickly coming to an end.

Webinar Series

How to Increase Membership in the Digital Age

Join Oregon Central Valley Lodge 16 President and Oregon FOP National Trustee, Todd Hargrove to learn how to increase new membership and current member retention by utilizing technology. We also cover how you can utilize our fundraising platform for free, where 100% of donations go to the family or person in need.


Three Effective Union Fundraising Ideas

Effective fundraising helps build stronger relationships with your community, keeps members engaged, and inspires action in support of your values. Based on our experience powering digital fundraising campaigns that have driven millions of donations, here are 3 simple, yet effective ideas for your next union fundraiser.

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