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Digital Tools that Ensure Success in an Age of Social Distancing

Covid-19 has changed forever how people interact at work. And although many union trades have returned to onsite work many of the social interactions normal in the workplace are prohibited. Once covid-19 fades employers are likely to try and keep many of the restrictions in place. Outside of work social distancing continues to be a reality for far too many communities and workers. Prior to Covid-19 locals and lodges had become dependent on in-person interactions and meetings to collect dues, communicate upcoming events, or gain support for union elections. All these activities are virtually impossible in the age of Covid-19. Digital tools can enable a local or lodge to continue managing and communicating with their members even while maintaining distance. Unionly was born out of the need of Unions who were hamstrung by Covid-19. Our suite of tools is designed to help empower our partners in a time of change and unpredictability.

Dues Processing:

Dues are the lifeblood of local organizing. At Unionly we’ve developed a dues payment system that can be set up in minutes and takes very little technological skills. Transitioning to paying and tracking dues online is critical as fewer and fewer opportunities may exist to connect with members in-person.

Membership Management:

Many local union leaders have had to shut their offices or lodges during Covid-19. Some have even transitioned entirely to virtual, due to budget constraints. Working remotely requires an efficient way to manage membership regardless of where you are. At Unionly we’ve designed our membership management system with locals in mind. We’ve also built-in communication tools to make it easy to push out and receive messages from your members on critical upcoming events and campaign actions.

Online Store Transactions:

Products are a staple of many locals. Members want to be able to both support their locals as well as show off their union pride. Our online store is highly customizable allowing each local to feature and promote the products they want to see. It also comes with inventory tracking to make sure you aren't out of stock at any time.

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