Three Effective Union Fundraising Ideas

Effective fundraising helps build stronger relationships with your community, keeps members engaged, and inspires action in support of your values. Based on our experience powering digital fundraising campaigns that have driven millions of donations, here are 3 simple, yet effective ideas for your next union fundraiser.

1. Create a Digital Raffle

Over the last few years, union campaigns have transformed from just raising money to building power and political representation. Utilizing technology to transform the traditional raffle ticket into an online experience, you're not only reaching a much wider audience, but you're also far more likely to bring in new donors.

  • Engages regular donors
  • Brings in new donors
  • Creates an exciting event
  • Takes 10 minutes to set up
  • Digital Raffle Example

2. Set up a Digital Food & Toy Drive

The need to provide food and toys has increased dramatically. Unfortunately so has the cost. By setting up your own online fundraiser, you can collect funds which will be delivered to your local food bank or shelter in time for Thanksgiving or throughout the holiday season.

  • Set a goal that equates to specific amounts of physical items
  • Reduces the need for people to buy food or toys, making it easier to participate
  • Digital Food & Toy Drive Example

3. Online Fundraising Challenges

Have you ever wanted to be on a team that raises money for a worthy cause? Or maybe you're just looking for a way to support a good cause in your community? Maybe you're just curious enough about the concept of an online fundraising challenge that you'd be willing to participate? These are the factors that contribute to the success of online fundraising challenges and show why they should always be considered.

  • Local vs. Local Challenge - Friendly competition in support of a cause is always a recipe for success. And bragging rights.
  • Base your goal on donors, not dollars - set a goal based on the total number of donors to encourage everyone to participate
  • Fundraising Challenge Example

Union fundraising software has made it easier than ever.

The biggest mistake anyone can make when it comes to fundraising, is to not try at all. If you try, you'll be surprised at how many people are willing to participate. In the time it takes to have a meeting about why you shouldn't have an online fundraiser, you could've already launched a fundraiser and received your first donation.

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