How to Avoid PayPal's Price Increase

How to Avoid PayPal's Price Increase

As you may have been notified, PayPal announced that it will raise its processing fees for U.S. merchants, starting on August 2, 2021. Once this goes into effect, PayPal will be the most expensive option for U.S. merchants.

If a product or service delivers the most value, then the decision to go with the most expensive option could make sense. However, if a product or service delivers more value, at a lower price, then the decision should be made to go with the more valuable, lower-priced product.

In the event you'd like to avoid the upcoming price hike and work with a Union friendly company dedicated to helping you succeed, Unionly is the answer.

Value & Pricing Comparison:

Unionly provides the complete financial infrastructure you need to do business online. We have experience working with many businesses like yours, as they shift from offline to online.

Unionly brings together everything that’s required to accept payments online. Combining the ability to create full custom payment pages in just a few clicks, an entire payment facilitation network, and the ability to run unlimited custom reports on the backend, Unionly is much more valuable than just a payment processor alone.

What's Built Into Our System

In-depth look of what Unionly provides for you as a payment facilitation network


If you value working with a pro-union company, user friendliness, and getting the best deal, Unionly is the best option for you.

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