EWMC Conference 2021

EWMC Conference 2021



January 15-16, 2021

The EWMC is going Virtual!  The EWMC Executive Committee is pleased to announce its first virtual leadership conference on January 15 -16, 2021. The conference theme is Securing the Future Through United Action Today.  The EWMC will meet remotely via Zoom platform to address union and workplace issues, and political, economic, and social justice issues important to workers and their families. Join the EWMC to explore the new normal for workers and their families and progressive strategies to organize, rebuild and move forward.

Online Conference Registration opens Friday, December 11, 2020. The virtual conference begins with a preconference meeting of the EWMC Chapter Presidents on Thursday, January 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm Eastern time; the Opening Session begins Friday evening, January 15, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm Eastern time; resumes on Saturday morning, January 16 at 10:30 am Eastern time, and concludes at 3:00 pm eastern time. The conference registration fee is $100.00 which includes your EWMC* 2021 membership dues of $75.00. Article IV, Section 4, requires payment of the current year’s membership dues before admission to the meetings.  You will receive a confirmation and the access links to the plenary sessions and workshops no later than 24 hours prior to the conference.

*Only IBEW members can be members of the EWMC.

This year has been incredibly difficult for most working families.   The EWMC conference will serve as a reminder that working in solidarity with our allies for the common good is the answer to building a better future.  We have persevered despite the devastating impact of the pandemic particularly on people of color and women, voter suppression, racial and gender divisiveness, economic insecurities, and a multitude of intentionally placed barriers to prevent us from regaining control of our leadership and most valued institutions.  Our strong beliefs in a better future have propelled us on with fortitude and resilience to gain equity and justice for all.  The EWMC is prepared to work diligently to be a voice for positive change to help shape and employ sound practices and policies to rebuild our nation and communities.

Conference Speakers:

  • Lt. General Ronald Bailey, Vice President, NECA
  • Gina Cooper, Fourth District International Vice President, IBEW
  • Kenneth Cooper, International Secretary-Treasurer, IBEW
  • Maria Elena Durazo, CA State Senator
  • Keith Edwards, National President, EWMC
  • Rev. Alvin Herring, Executive Director, Faith in Action Network
  • David Long, President, NECA
  • Liz Shuler, National Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO
  • Grace Smith, National Vice President, EWMC
  • Lonnie Stephenson, International President, IBEW
  • Sherilyn Wright, Executive Assistant to the President, IBEW

Conference Workshops:

  • Alternative Pathways to Apprenticeship Programs
  • Financial Management and Security
  • From Bystander to Upstander
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress and Uncertainty in 2021
  • Movement Building: Voices United for Justice & Equity
  • Political Action!
  • Understanding Micro-aggressions, Implicit Bias and Discrimination
  • Women of Power

2021 EWMC Scholarship Award
The EWMC will award a scholarship to the child of a National EWMC member in good standing at the 31st Annual National Meeting. A scholarship candidate must be a high school graduate in 2020. A copy of the diploma or a letter from the high school confirming graduation must be attached to the scholarship request.

A 500-word typewritten Essay on The Importance of Giving Back To Your Community must be submitted in WORD format along with the Scholarship request. Student must also show approval for enrollment in a state certified trade school or a college certified by the Department of Education and accredited by the local accrediting association.

Only scholarship requests that comply with the requirements set forth above will be considered. To be eligible for consideration, requests should be mailed to EWMC National President at P.O. Box 821462, Vancouver, WA 98682 by certified, return receipt mail and postmarked no later than January 4, 2021. Online scholarship applications which meet the above-stated requirements may be submitted electronically to cbrock@ibew213.org no later than January 4, 2021.

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