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Spring and Summer Events Utilizing Unionly

As spring begins to change into summer, it’s hard not to want to be outside. While a beautiful day can be an excuse enough on its own to spend some time in the sun, it never hurts to have other reasons for gathering everyone together to head outside. Here are some great ways to get you (and the rest of your local) out this summer:

Golf Tournament:

While most sporting events were impossible throughout last year, in many places golf remained an exception. Even now as things open up, even the more hesitant members of your local may find themselves relieved by the social distancing built into a golf tournament. Spread out across multiple holes and in small groups, golf is a sure bet for a safe and fun event. As the country opens back up fully, golf is and always will be a wonderful event.

A golf tournament can easily be turned into a great fundraiser, as well! Offer local businesses and organizations the opportunity to pay to sponsor a hole or other portions of the event.

Looking for some golf tournament inspiration? Let Teamsters Local 822 show you how it's done, with their annual golf tournament registration, sponsorship, mulligan sales, and donations handled through Unionly's easy-to-use online platform.

Union Picnic:

Taking a note from golf, a union picnic allows your members to see each other and celebrate together while still choosing how close together they want to get. With a large enough venue like a local park, each family can have their own little space and mingle with others as much as they feel comfortable with. Take a look to see how Teamsters Local 8 is utilizing Unionly to gather registrations for their summer picnic at a local theme park!

Picnics are also great because they can feature just about anything. Want to raise some money for a charity or drive? You could set up a table with a silent auction, or a 50/50 raffle. These events are easy to set up, and they offer your members a chance to participate in fundraising at their own leisure in between seeing their friends and peers.

Pick out a sunny day and a local park, grab some blankets and some homemade cooking, and you’re ready to go!

Car Show:

Do some of your members have incredible hot rods, modded cars, or just classic oldies they’ve kept running through hard work and elbow grease? Give them a chance to show off their rides with a car show!

This is a great opportunity for members of your union to meet each other, especially if you have a particularly large membership. You never know who might find out they share a similar hobby or interest, and the car show format offers members a chance to easily break the ice and mingle by asking questions about the hot rods on display.

If your local has an office with a decent-sized parking lot, this event can be the perfect way to get everybody together outside without even having to find a venue. Looking to fundraise? Charge a small entrance fee, or, just like with the family picnic, offer self-directed fundraising opportunities like raffles and silent auctions!

Ready to get started?

These are just a few ways to make the most of the summer season, but no matter what event you decide to host, the team here at Unionly is ready and willing to help make sure the transaction side of your event runs smoothly. From hosting registration forms, to selling tickets, to helping you run raffles, our platform will make the entire process more efficient - saving you valuable time and headaches.

Want to know more? Reach out to our team about setting up your event today.

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