Accept payments in person without a machine.

Unionly Onsite Payment Solution

Accept payments in person wherever you are, without a card machine

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    You'll have a single provider for both online and in person sales

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    100% hardware cost savings guaranteed

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    Never worry about hardware, connection, or charging issues again

Out with the old POS. In with the new

Onsite Payment Solution by Unionly

Traditional merchant service providers force customers to pay monthly charges, unnecessary fees, and a fortune for point of sale terminals that are inconvenient and inefficient.

Unionly clients are able to pay no card fees, have no monthly charges and no hardware costs, making it the most affordable way to accept card payments, in person and online. Unionly’s Onsite Payment Solution makes it easy for anyone to accept contactless payments. All without the need for expensive hardware and software – saving time and costs at every step.

QR Code Kit

QR Code File
Generate dynamic QR codes specifically linked to your payment pages through Unionly. Ownership of unique QR codes included with an active account.

Business Card Printout File
Print out business cards with the QR code on them to hand out to members.

Wallet Card and Lanyard
Use this to accept payments wherever you are. (Included with paid subscription)

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