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Expand TVLR

Expand TVLR

$4,464.96 raised
111.62% towards goal of $4,000.00
We've got big dreams for TVLR.

Workers in the South need media built for them, by them. Media that reports on issues of importance to us, lifts up our stories, and analyzes the news from a workers perspective. We need media organizations that care about organization and our collective power, and that serves as a hub for communal education. 

We think that we can be that, and the only way to make that happen is to take the next step. 

Beginning in March, it's our goal to begin putting out 1-2 original reported pieces per week. We'll be writing up articles based around our clips and syndicating that content with local news organizations (partnerships to be announced in March as we get them - but we have had some interest already), starting a newsletter, and creating a whole new weekly show dedicated solely to labor history and education. 

To accomplish this, we'll be bringing Adam Keller on as half-time staff, Spencer Loback for 6-8 hours per week, Joe Harrison will increase his hours. We'll be paying everyone on staff $20/hour, and Jacob will maintain his volunteer status. We've agreed to bylaws making everyone an equal voting member of the organization with a commitment to a democratic structure. 

This will cost money. 

$4,000 will fund one month of expansion, which will allow us to produce at that level to show both funding listeners and organizations that an expanded TVLR is worth the investment. 

We hope you think it's worth it - if you do, please consider donating, sharing with your friends, coworkers, and union sisters and brothers. 

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