Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton

Candidate for Vice President for the Eastern Region

William Hamilton, goes by Bill, has been a Teamster since 1966. As his father before him, he has held various offices in Teamsters Local 107 in Philadelphia, PA. He began his work in the trucking industry for a few different union companies. In 1984 he was appointed as an Organizer and Business Agent within the Local. He was elected President of Local 107 in 2000, a position he still holds today. In 2008 Bill was appointed to the position of President of both Joint Council 53 and Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters and to International Vice President of the Eastern Region. He has been re-elected multiple times and still holds each of those positions. He has served as the Director of the Express Division at the IBT for over a decade. 

He also sits as Trustee and Co-Chairman of the Health Welfare and Pension Fund of the Philadelphia area, and on the National 401K and VEBA Funds within the IBT. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with members from many different industries, been involved in National Freight Negotiations, and spearheaded multiple National Contracts for DHL and AEI. He has recently assisted in ironing out Western Pennsylvania regional issues to finalize the National UPS contract and as Director of the Express Division has ratified a National DHL Contract bringing one of the best Teamster wages and benefits packages in the history of the Teamsters.

He joins the O’Brien-Zuckerman 2021 Slate as a candidate for re-election to the position of IBT Vice President of the Eastern Region. He is a strong advocate for protecting Union workers’ rights and being very deeply involved in government politics in efforts to preserve the future of Union Rights in this country.

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