Support the Strike Fund

Support the Strike Fund

Dear Supporters,
On Monday, September 11th,  the dedicated healthcare workers (Registered Nurses and Radiology Technologists) at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital will take a stand for better working condition, fair wages and improved patient care.  We believe that quality healthcare starts with the well-being of its caregivers.

As we unite in solidarity during this strike, we need your support.  Your contribution to our campaign will make a meaningful impact on our fight for a more just and compassionate healthcare system.  Your donation will help us cover essential expenses while we stand up for what we believe in.

By supporting our cause, you are not only standing with Ascension Hospital workers but also advocating for better healthcare for all.  Every dollar donated brings us one step closer to achieving a healthcare environment that prioritizes both patients and the healthcare heroes who care for them.

Join us in making a difference.  Your generosity will help us continue our mission to provide the best care possible while advocating for fair treatment and a brighter future in healthcare.  

Thank you for standing with Ascension Hospital workers during this critical time.  Your support means the world to us.

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