Payments to Local 40

Payments to Local 40

If you are making a partial dues payment or a payment for arrears, please include the month/year* that this payment should be applied to in the note field. You may make a lump payment for the total of all dues owed.  If you have any questions, please contact Karen Mayville, Executive Administrative Assistant, at (586) 948-3861.

Monthly Dues Calculation:
Hourly rate x 1.75 + 7.00 = Monthly Dues

Example: Hourly rate $18.00
18.00 x 1.75 = 31.5
31.50 + 7.00 = 38.50
Monthly Dues:  $38.50

Bargaining Units*:
APR-RN = Ascension Providence Rochester RNs
APR-RT = Ascension Providence Rochester Radiology Techs
MM-RN = McLaren Macomb RNs
MM-SG = McLaren Macomb Service Group

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