Current Legal Defense Plan Member- Renewal

Current Legal Defense Plan Member- Renewal

Thank you for your interest in the FOP's Legal Defense Plan.  We have done everything we can to make the Legal Defense Plan purchase as seamless as possible.  The information required in the form below is the same information that is required on the paper form that we have used in the past.  With our new application being in a digital form it now allows you more choices on your plan term length as well as the ability to now pay with a credit or debit card.

Billing Options:

Option 1:  In the first drop down below you will find options to pay your current quarter or the next available quarter's plan dues.  

Option 2:  Pay in Full Option: It also lets you pay the remainder of the 2023 Legal Defense Calendar year which ends on 01-31-24.  

Option 3:  The last option is to pay the current quarter with a recurring payment option so you never have to worry about missing a payment or a lapse in coverage. YOU MUST CLICK THE AUTO PAY BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FEATURE.

ATTENTION:  Current quarter dues must be payed prior to the next quarter starting or the member is subject to being dropped from the legal defense plan.  A due date is sent out to members for the current quarters pay by date as well as the drop from coverage date.  In order to help members not be dropped from legal defense, if a member has not paid by the pay by date, the only options available via Unionly will be the PAY IN FULL option or the Recurring Payment Option.  If using the recurring payment option please click on the auto pay button.

You MUST be a current FOP member to qualify for the Legal Defense. If not a current member, your money is NOT refundable and you will not be qualified for any legal defense. If you have any questions, you can contact the State treasurer, secretary, or your local lodge officers. 

To start your legal defense, please make a payment via the form below.

If you have any questions please let the State Treasurer Jon Lampi know at

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