Charitable Donation

Charitable Donation

The North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of law enforcement. The primary objectives are to serve the members by providing support, training, and fellowship, as well as enhancing the level of law enforcement service. 

The NDFOP also likes to give back to their communities and the 8 other Local FOP lodges.

The NDFOP State Lodge as well as the 8 other local lodges provides charitable services to needy children, most commonly Christmas gifts and school supplies.

The FOP Cops and Kids Christmas Shopping Event is designed to build relationships between local lodges and the community. Officers taking underprivileged kids shopping for Christmas presents or school supplies shows those children that the police in their area are friends and are always there to help. Giving a child a present when they wouldn’t have received one, or the supplies they need to excel in school, can make a lasting impression.

Thank you for your interest in donating.  We appreciate any support you can provide.

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