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Support Blue During Crisis

Support Blue During Crisis

Donations will go to support officers during the current crisis in our city. Between Friday night and Monday, 20 officers had to be pulled off the front line due to injuries from having rocks, frozen water bottles and other urine-soaked projectiles thrown at them. The majority of officers on the front line reported they were hit with objects but did not seek immediate medical care. Injuries to two officers were serious enough to require hospitalization. One had a suffered a head injury, the second officer had a lacerated liver.
The last 12 weeks has been a difficult time for everyone in our country, particularly the first responders, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers.  During this time 17 KCPD members tested positive for COVID- 19 and more than one hundred more were placed in mandatory quarantine. 
We need to support the good men and women in blue who do their job with honor and integrity every day. Please help us support our officers as they continue to protect and serve our community. 

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