Help support the Coonan family

Help support the Coonan family

Kyle Coonan is a Firefighter with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue and member of IAFF L726. But more importantly, he is a devoted husband and father of two young children. While off-duty and at home on 6/1/24, Kyle experienced a significant medical emergency. He was rushed to the hospital via ambulance by his colleagues and once there, it was discovered that he suffered a spontaneous aortic dissection, an extremely life-threatening illness. Kyle’s doctor stated this was the worst dissection he’d ever seen and most of these cases don’t even survive the trip to the hospital. Kyle’s case is especially rare, given that he is a very healthy 35-year-old with no risk factors. Kyle underwent a five-hour emergency surgery where they discovered the left side of his body had not been receiving any blood flow for an unknown period of time. Knowing that he had a wife and two young kids counting on him, he fought for his life and made it through the surgery. Kyle defied the odds and ignored all the statistics that state he shouldn’t be with us now. Instead, his 11-month-old son and two-year-old daughter are getting to see their daddy continue to do what he does best, save lives. This time it happens to be his own.

Kyle is currently in the ICU, still very sick, and undergoing several tests and treatments. Additionally, Kyle is now battling neurological deficits as well. He is not out of the woods yet and has a long road to recovery. His future, in many regards, is still in question. The situation Kyle is facing is almost always a catastrophic one in several aspects. Kyle’s career is a physically demanding and labor intensive one with strict requirements. With a young family to support, being unable to work, and a questionable future, there is now a severe burden placed upon the Coonan family. Medical expenses, mortgage payments, bills, household chores, and everyday life continue to pile up. Your generous donation will help ensure Kyle and his loving family are prepared for whatever the future holds.

Kyle is a dedicated member of his community, and his generosity knows no bounds. He has been in the fire service for nearly a decade and has devoted his life to helping others. He is a selfless individual who would never think to ask for help on his own. Any donation, no matter the size, will be graciously accepted and go directly to the Coonan family, supporting Kyle’s long and arduous recovery. This is our opportunity to show Kyle and his family what community is all about. Together, we will let them know that no one fights alone and that we stand by them in solidarity.

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