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Wilmington Firefighters Benevolent Fund - Bourbon Bottle

Wilmington Firefighters Benevolent Fund - Bourbon Bottle

The Wilmington Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Mission: The purpose of the Wilmington Firefighters Benevolent Fund is to provide financial assistance and support towards a variety of initiatives including managing the Lakeview Road Memorial, and other firefighter-related goodwill and altruistic initiatives. This fund was created following the devastating and tragic Lakeview Road fire in September 2016 that killed Capt. Christopher Leach, Lt. Jerry Fickes, and Lt. Ardythe Hope.

Past fundraising has helped to build and maintain the Lakeview Road Memorial, which honors the sacrifices of our fallen firefighters and their families. Current fundraising will assist in completing the final phase of the memorial, which includes installing a fence around the property and continued maintenance/upkeep.

For this fundraiser, we have procured a barrel of Ezra Brooks Single Barrel Bourbon Distiller's Collection (107 proof).  We will be selling bottles of the bourbon, and all proceeds will go directly to the Wilmington Firefighters Benevolent Fund.

Currently, we expect the bottles to be ready by September 2023.   
**This will be Pick-Up only, we will not be able to ship**

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