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Watch Out For Wolves

Watch Out For Wolves

Keys To Discerning Authentic Ministries & Evaluating Doctrinal Trends

Like the Sons of Issachar, knowing both the times and seasons, and what to do—according to the Word of God are critical challenges in this dark hour... 

Deception is rampant across the land—and in the local church! Satan’s best masquerade is as an “Angel of Light.” The Bible says that his focus “if were possible—is to deceive even the very elect of God!” Winds of doctrine are blowing fiercely today, and causing many to be “tossed to and fro.” Countless Christians have embraced the doctrines of demons, unknowingly. This book sheds invaluable light upon discerning the mixture that has crept into the church, with practical steps to building up safe churches.

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