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We bring together everything that’s required to create your own custom online donation pages. Our fundraising platform provides a simple, secure and effective way for your organization to raise money online. You will receive 100% of the funds raised.

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    LODD/Member Support

    In a time of quick action, set up a fundraiser to support your members. See Example >
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    Booster Program

    Empower your strongest supporters to increase Booster membership. See Example >
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    PAC Fund Donations

    Pool contributions from members and donors for political campaigns of any size.
    See Example >
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    Charity Events

    Create charity event registrations and sponsorships for your specific event. Ex: golf, corn hole, fishing, lodge dinners, bowling, etc.
    See Example >
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    Memorial Foundation

    Support the means to honor loved ones, pay tribute to those who have departed too soon and provide the community a place to come together. See Example >
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    Raffle Donations

    Create ways to sell digital raffle tickets for a chance to win and support your specific fund at the same time. See Example >

Mobile Optimized
Accept donations from any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Every aspect of the Unionly Fundraising Platform is user and mobile-friendly.
Safe & Secure
Includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate. All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by PCI Level 1 compliance.
Custom page builder
Easily upload images, videos and text. Create custom donation pages to provide a personalized donor experience.
Text-to-Give & QR Codes
Create custom text tags to allow donors to donate via text. Create QR codes that can be added to direct mail pieces, brochures, posters, even t-shirts!
A receipt is automatically sent immediately after each donation is made. Each receipt message can be customized.
Accept all credit cards
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express can be accepted the minute you go live.
Recurring Donations
Customize recurring donation options. Our system provides you with full control over managing each recurring donation.
Generate reports with a single click. Schedule reports to be sent automatically via email, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


We appreciate Unionly's help setting up online donations for our Awards Event. It worked perfectly and definitely helped encourage sponsorships and ticket sales by making it so easy.

We had a great turnout and a wonderful program, and it looks like we'll make plenty of money to fund our operations and programs in the coming year.

Kathy Black, Treasurer
Philly CLUW


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Unionly Pricing

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$25 /month

  • Merchant account, payment gateway and payment processor all in one

  • Standard card processing fees apply

  • Unionly platform fee: 1%

  • Processing fees can be covered by the cardholder if you wish to receive 100% of every transaction


$250 /year

  • Merchant account, payment gateway and payment processor all in one

  • Standard card processing fees apply

  • Unionly platform fee: 1%

  • Processing fees can be covered by the cardholder if you wish to receive 100% of every transaction


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Fundraising FAQ

On your landing page, click the Admin button near the top. This will take you to your Admin Dashboard view.

Once on your Admin Dashboard, click the Fundraisers button on the left side of the screen. This will take you to the Fundraisers page, where you can create new fundraisers or edit your existing ones.

Now, click the yellow Add Fundraiser Page button in the top right to get started. Enter the name of the fundraiser, and upload an image if you'd like. Add a brief Description of the fundraiser; this is what will appear beneath the fundraiser name on your landing page. The description should be informative, but brief.

The Content section is a great place to really describe what the fundraiser is about, what the funds will be used for, etc. This will appear above the form user will fill out in order to pay.

If you would like for users to include their address in the form, navigate to the Form Settings section near the bottom of the page, and click the checkbox in front of "Include address fields in form?" If you want the address fields to be required, check the box in front of "Require user fill in address fields?"

These are the basic fields that you need in order to get your fundraiser up and running. Once finished, click the blue Save button in the bottom right of the page. Your fundraiser will now be visible and is ready for donations.

Yes, absolutely!

Navigate to the Goal Bar section, right above Form Settings near the bottom of the page. Underneath "Show Goal Bar?" click the menu and select Yes. Then, right below, input the numerical value of the amount of money you want to raise as your goal. No need to add a $ sign!

If you're building a fundraiser in advance and aren't yet ready to make it public and start receiving donations, or if you want to briefly take your fundraiser down before putting it back up, you can always make your fundraiser inactive. When your fundraiser is inactive, it will be visible to you in your Admin Dashboard view, but it will not be visible to your members or any other visitors to your landing page.

To make your fundraiser inactive, navigate to your admin dashboard and click on the Fundraisers section on the left side of the screen. This will bring you to your fundraisers page. Click the blue View button on the bottom right of the desired fundraiser.

You will now be looking at that fundraiser's information. To make any edits, in this case making the fundraiser inactive, click the Edit button right below the fundraiser name.

In the editing view of the fundraiser, you can now scroll down to the Status field,. Click on "Active" to open the menu and select "Inactive"

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click the blue Save button, and your fundraiser will now be inactive. To make the fundraiser active again, follow these same steps and change the Status field to "Active"

Editing a fundraising page, or any other page on Unionly, is a simple process.

Navigate to the Fundraisers view, and click the blue View button in the bottom right of the desired fundraiser. This will take you to the Edit page, where you can make changes to whichever fields you would like.

When done, click the blue Save button, and your newly edited fundraiser is good to go!

First off, congratulations! The whole team here at Unionly hopes it was a great success.

If your campaign or fundraiser has an end date or end goal, and it's been reached, then it might be time to take down your fundraiser.

If your fundraiser is the same from season to season, besides some design content or in name, you could always put your fundraiser into inactive for a bit and redo the required content and fields, retaining the same fundraiser.

However, if your fundraiser is truly over, then it's time to take down your fundraiser.

To delete a fundraiser, for any reason, you first navigate to your Fundraisers page on your Admin Dashboard. From there, click the blue View button in the bottom right of the desired Fundraiser. This will take you to overview page of your fundraiser. Click the Edit button below the fundraiser name to enter the editing view. In the editing view, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and click the red Delete button. You'll receive a prompt asking you if you're sure you want to delete the fundraiser, and if you are, you can press yes.

With that, your fundraiser will be deleted from your landing page and your admin dashboard. On to the next one!

Great question! To build a fundraiser like this, you'll need to go to your Admin Dashboard view and click on Membership Management on the left side of the screen.

Our Fundraisers section is mainly for funds where donations of all sizes and amounts are encouraged and welcome.

If you want to set your fundraiser up so that there are tiered levels of donations, the best way to do this is through a similar process to setting up a dues page, which is done through Membership Management.

Once on the Membership Management page, you'll want to click the orange Add Dues Page button in the top right corner. This will start the process of creating a new dues/fundraising page.

Many of the fields you can now edit for this fundraiser are the same as if you were using the Fundraiser section, with some notable exceptions -- most importantly, the ability to add Dues Levels.

By utilizing the Dues Levels fields, you can create a fundraiser with tiered donation levels. Add as many levels as you need, and add the corresponding price.

By describing each donation level in the content section of the fundraiser page, you can give your members or any other potential donators a clear idea of which level they'd like to choose.

When done, simply click the blue Create Fund button and your tiered fundraiser will be ready to start receiving donations!


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