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Case Study on Going Paperless

Case Study - Going Paperless

IBEW 659

Three years ago, IBEW Local 659 members had to mail in checks or drive to the hall every time they wanted to pay their dues or buy something from the Local 659 gear store. Collecting union payments was a contentious, time-consuming process for members because they were in the field on the job and for the union staff who had to attempt to track down and account for all of the paper documents.

They knew there had to be a better way to accept payments from members. They knew it was time for a change. 

They tried Unionly because it was so easy to set up. They could easily add new custom online payment pages for dues, donations, and merchandise, without having any programming knowledge at all. And because Unionly is integrated with QuickBooks Online (QBO), IBEW Local 659 has nearly eliminated manual reconciliation work completely. 

Through their Unionly integration, IBEW 659 has increased reporting accuracy, increased member engagement, increased revenue, decreased costs, and saved countless hours of time. 

Investing in technology that helped the members and was easy for the staff became a win for Local 659 almost immediately. The investment made sense immediately and its utility continues to pay dividends today.

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Case Study on Facing Payroll Deduction Being Cut

Case Study - Facing cutting payroll deduction

OPEIU Local 40

One way that employers may attempt to undermine unions is by eliminating dues checkoff—an agreement that requires the employer to deduct union members' dues directly from their paychecks.

Rather than let the employer dangle this sword over them indefinitely, OPEIU Local 40 chose to take the matters into their own hands, ditching checkoff in favor of collecting dues themselves.

The employer decided to stop dues checkoff in order to prevent OPEIU Local 40 from negotiating a new contract.

In response to this threat, OPEIU Local 40 chose to set up its own online dues payment platform in order to facilitate the collection of dues from their members. This allowed them to remain financially solvent and negotiate a new contract for their members.

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Case Study on Online Dues, Online Fundraising and Custom Logo Design

Case Study - Online Dues Payment, Online Fundraising, and Custom Logo Design

FOP Lodge 50

The Fraternal Order of Police Jim Fogleman Lodge #50 was looking to move away from relying on snail mail and telemarketing to generate donations for the numerous causes they support.

The Fraternal Order of Police Jim Fogleman Lodge #50 supports local charities such as Vetsville Cease Fire House of Boynton Beach, the Easter Seals Society of Palm Beach County, the Florida State FOP Memorial Foundation and COPLINE, a 24/7 crisis hotline for first responders. They also provide support to members in need, as well as any requests to support families of officers killed in the line of duty.

That's why they were looking for a way to accept dues payments and donations online. They also knew that they needed to update their logo. When they found Unionly, a payment and member engagement platform built specifically for organized labor, these two problems became one solution: with Unionly, Lodge 50 could accept dues payments and donations online AND update their logo with Unionly’s custom design services.

Lodge 50 worked with Unionly to create a unique and individualized digital payment experience for its members, donors, and local business owners. They’re well on their way to achieve the goal of creating a community of people who are passionate about doing good in the world. And they’re doing it with a new logo that’s fresh and exciting—reflecting both the values and the mission of Lodge 50.

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Case Study Implementing Unionly Throughout a Large Organization

Case Study - Multi-Use Across Organization


The Washington State Council of Firefighters (WSCFF) were looking for a new way to accept payments from their members and maintain more accurate records in their database. They needed a unified online payment platform that would allow them to establish an API connection to their CRM so they could automatically update all data in one place, rather than having to manually enter it into multiple systems.

The Unionly team was able to create 10 unique accounts for specific payment purposes, connected to multiple unique bank accounts. We also established an API connection between our platform and the WSCFF's database, so all financial data could be unified in one place.

With this new system in place, WSCFF has been able to streamline their payment processing and reporting processes—and have more accurate data than ever before!

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